Who we are and how can us leverage your sales

Retl Tech is a Neogrid partner. We have known for more than 20 years
the technology that transformed the dynamics of sales and supply,
putting your company at the pace of consumers.
Neogrid's exclusive solutions collect information from hundreds of retailers
and distributors in one network. Uses cutting-edge data and technologies
to synchronize and automate manufacturers, distributors, logistics operators, retailers,
financial institutions, and government at a single pace.

Together we connect the chain links to upscale the Canadian market! Discover our solutions for your sector:

Solutions for Manufacturers

Understanding the performance of your
products in the interest of quick
performance and accurate

Solutions for Retailers

Placing the perfect order,
reacting to consumer demand,
and optimizing your inventory.

Learn about our solutions

We have the solution that fits perfectly to the challenges of your business. We are the only company in the market where you find solutions for all phases of the supply chain.

Demand Activation Distribution
Demand Activation Distribution

Get daily performance data from distributors and work with them to increase sales.


Let's change the way your company manages inventory.


More agile Sales and Operations planning with predictive analysis.


Abandon the old purchasing and quotation model, optimizing your investments.


Understand how the industry can manage the inventory of its products directly at retailers and distributors.

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